DVS Kink Lab – Sunday 12th November

I am delighted to be hosting 3 different workshops at the inaugural DVS Kink Lab on Sunday 12th November. Tickets are still available and there’s a play party afterwards for anybody longing to put their new skills into action! Among the array of fantastic workshops presented by genuine experts of their field, I will be teaching:

Starting on the upstairs stage, Master Dominic gives newbies & novices an informative chat on what it’s like to attend fetish events, what to expect, what behaviour is expected from attendees, and some basic protocol. Master Dominic then continues down to the dungeon where he is joined by FoXy to give a humorous introduction to dungeon etiquette, and how to use the furniture/equipment safely and hygienically.

We Kinksters certainly do love our toys!  Unfortunately they’re often not cheap to collect, so looking after your prized collection of toys and furniture is paramount to extending the lifespan to ensure you’re not constantly having to replace expensive items.  Master Dominic offers hands-on advice on how to correctly and safely clean all the various pieces of kit, from external and insertable toys through to BDSM furniture.

7:00pm – BREATH PLAY
Curious about having your breath taken away, or controlling your partners? Hand over your need for air and let the excitement take over in Master Dominic‘s breath play workshop.  Done right, breath play can be incredible.  Join Him for an introduction on different techniques, important safety and well-being tips, and how to pace the scene so you can go from a gentle squeeze to a firm grip with confidence.