A note on timewasters and deposits…

I’ve recently made the decision to require a deposit on all bookings after a particularly frustrating run of timewasters and no-shows. There will be the inevitable few reactions that it’s unnecessary and off-putting, so I’ll elaborate.

I really do appreciate that the nature of My work means people will call and book impulsively when they’re feeling excited, only to then realise that they aren’t ready for it or can’t afford it. I’m also aware that they might just plain not feel like it on the day, or that work will schedule a meeting at exactly the time they’re supposed to be visiting Me. Life happens and I, of course, understand this.

The problem is that when this happens I rarely, if ever, hear anything from them again. That means I’ve blocked out time in My diary that I could have given to someone fully prepared to attend their session, focused on getting admin done or taken the time off to relax!

Contrary to popular belief, people in My line of work don’t have a queue of budding submissives lined up round the block ready to shower Us with cash. It’s simply not the reality of it. I don’t think I’ve ever filled in a no-show on the same day for exactly the same time slot in My entire 12 year long career. We don’t sit around on our thrones in full latex waiting for you to grace Us with your presence. While, to the woefully ignorant, it may seem all We do is let you in and whack you with a stick for a few hours, the reality is preparing for a session takes time, effort and a specific process. This process is exponentially easier and more pleasurable when a deposit has been paid and the visitor has confirmed their attendance on the morning as instructed. That means I don’t have the nagging “I really hope he shows up” feeling in the back of My mind; I can just enjoy getting ready to give them an incredible experience, confident that My efforts will be appreciated rather than wasted.

Whether it’s intentional or not, by not showing up the person is fucking with My day, My finances and My already very limited amount of patience. The consistent lack of courtesy demonstrated by these people is very difficult to shrug off after a while and can lead to feeling less than in love with My work. Feeling like that benefits nobody.

So, there’s an explanation of deposits becoming mandatory, at least on a more personal level. I love My job, I want to continue loving My job, so it’s important to eliminate things that make Me want to scream into a pillow until I pass out!

D x