Special Offer – Milking

Do you dream of being strapped down, anaesthetised and milked dry, over and over?

Special milking sessions are available at a discounted rate of £220 for 2 hours – a saving of £100.

Being tied down while the Venus 2000 strokes your manhood to climax is unlike anything else. It’s among my favourite scenarios of all time – which is certainly saying something!

The breath control/anaesthesia aspect is optional if you feel it may be a little too intense for you, although I highly encourage handing over control of your entire body to me for the ultimate forced orgasm experience.

As with all my sessions, your limits are discussed and adhered to at all times. You’re highly unlikely to need one during such a pleasurable experience, but you will always have a safe word.

These sessions are a perfect introduction to the pleasures of BDSM – there’s no pain or discomfort involved, unless having the fifth orgasm forced from your body with the milking machine counts as discomfort, of course…

To book your session, simply e-mail with the subject “Milking Special Offer” as the subject. Be sure to include details of your preferences on breath control, any health concerns and times you’re available, as you would with any other booking request. Contact details can be found here.

Terms & Conditions:

This special offer does not include any other session activity such as electro, CBT, pain and so on. It is purely simple bondage, milking and breath control. There is no role play and I will dress as I please.

Upon agreeing the session, the payment of £220 must be made in full via the usual method of bank transfer to secure the booking. You can reschedule your session once, so long as 24 hours notice is given.