Sex Education

To the uninitiated, sex education classes may sound somewhat daunting and intense, but this couldn’t be further from the truth. My classes are as famed for their lighthearted, humorous approach as they are for their attention to detail and realistic ideas. There is no nudity or audience participation, aside from the occasional encounter with an ice lolly, so there is nothing to be apprehensive about.

My most popular workshop is blowjob themed – focused on both giving outstanding oral attention to the gentlemen in your life and empowering those performing the act to enjoy themselves with confidence. I also teach several workshops on BDSM, varying from basic foot fetish to a comprehensive guide to fisting.

I’ve begun hosting monthly group Zoom classes for those who are unable to attend public classes. There are several options to choose from:

Just the Tip: A monthly, hour long introduction to Playing the Flute which covers some interesting anatomical points, simple yet effective beginners tips and product recommendations. A fabulous way to start building confidence! Tickets are £30 per person.

Pearl Necklace: A Zoom group capped at 10 guests, held monthly, lasting 2 hours. A full, comprehensive guide to masterfully playing the flute. After the class, an hours Q&A session starts where you’re encouraged to pick my brain about anything you’d like to! Tickets are £80 per person.

Up to the Hilt: A private, one on one class held either in person in London or via Zoom for as long as you need to get all the information you’re looking for. A tailored, bespoke package where you have my undivided attention. Not at all limited to the topic of Flute Playing – anything you’re curious about, looking to learn more on, the floor is yours! A private evening costs £160 on Zoom or £230 in person.

A list of upcoming public/Zoom workshops can be found on my Diary page.

Contact details can be found here – send over an e-mail detailing which class you’d like to attend on which date, and I’ll look forward to seeing you there!