Wish List

Whilst not mandatory, a gift is a reliable method of earning My favour. If you feel you’d enjoy presenting Me with an offering, allow Me to inspire you…

I am currently preparing to open My own new play space. I was never blessed with much patience, so to get set up as quickly and effectively as possible I’m offering a package of 10 hours of session time if you purchase one of the large items on My dungeon wishlist. This results in a minimum saving of £400. Sessions will be held in the new setting, not at the main dungeon and will be available late July. Contact Me to discuss making a large purchase, don’t do it on a whim!

Qualifying Items:

Smaller, Non-Qualifying Items:

If it is out of reach for you to express your affection in this way I am always delighted to read fan fiction and receive fan art. I have several poems and stories written about Me framed in My home.